Cycle through the unspoiled nature of Trnovo forest. Visit natural attractions along the way and enjoy the fresh mountain air. A perfect escape for hot summer days.

Head for a bike or an e-bike tour under the shade of lush beech forest, away from the summer heat. Ride a total of 30 km on the gravel road with some satisfying climbs and fun downhills. Cycle through the natural reserve and enjoy the views over the Vipava Valley, visit the entrance of the Paradana Ice cave, and Smrekova Draga karst hollow. Stop at a mountain hut for a drink and finish your day visiting Otlica Natural Window.

Starting at 65 €

Skill level

Approx. time

5 Hours 


40 km


  • Cycling under the shade of beech trees
  • Visit the entrance of the Paradana ice cave
  • Visit Otlica Natural Window
  • Fresh mountain air


2 persons: 90 € / person
4 persons: 65 € / person
6 persons: 60 € / person
8 persons: 55 € / person

2 persons: 105 € / person
4 persons: 80 € / person
6 persons: 75 € / person
8 persons: 70 € / person

Included with every bike rental:

Bike lock
Self-guided GPX tour
Repair kit